Custom your weed grinders

We work with many dispensaries, artists, and merchants looking to bulk sell custom grinders.  Our clients include single man operations all the way to the biggest dispensaries, smoke shops, and agencies in the business. 

Average turnaround time for up to 1000 grinders is 2 weeks from order to delivery.

Prices include shipping but do not include local taxes.  

Discounts automatically get applied at checkout.  Simpy design your grinder and select your quantity – the discount will be applied automatically based on the quantity.

Additional service

Anti-rust pouches for the grinders.  

Orders 500 velvet pouches customised with any logo name free.

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Contact: Jane Ding

Phone: +86 137 6025 6224

Tel: +86-755-2243 6245


Add: No.69 of Luogang Road,Buji Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen,China

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